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Developing seismic processing software

The main thrust of Techco's products is in writing specialized seismic processing applications, with an emphasis on land data, and the detection and correction of near surface corrections for land data processing. We have written 2D and 3D processing software since the mid 1980s. Company history

Techco licenses software to contractors and oil companies with seismic processing capability. Many major vendors' platforms are supported, and custom installations may be performed for clients with other architectures.

Some of Techco's more than 20 software products are:

What's new

  • SDCON - Now has an error term which can be used for QC.
  • SUMMIG - Now incorporates anisotropic and curved ray corrections in its moveout calculation.
  • MASTT - The mastt save and solve processes are now running picking residual statics on very large 3D volumes. A single unified solution can be calculated using multiple smaller jobs.
  • VELANAL - A velocity picker which inputs percentage velocity stacks and outputs a new ascii velocity field which has been modified by the percentages chosen.  The program is also capable of inputting prestack volumes and performing anisotropic moveout analysis.

    Contact information:
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    We are sad to say that Wilf has decided to leave us to follow another path. We wish him the very best.

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